About Us

Our passion is to help you set up your own business and thrive!

We are passionate about helping people start their own small business or side-hustle set up.   Our belief is that creating your own independent source of income is one of the best things you can do to thrive throughout these uncertain economic times.  

After setting up and running a number of small businesses in Australia, we came across Bubble Tea and saw how popular it was becoming in Australia.  We were looking to set up a secondary income as a side hustle gig to another business we were running. Within a matter of months, the Bubble Tea business became more popular than all our other businesses put together.

Start your own side hustle Bubble Tea business within weeks

We have discovered that making and selling Bubble Tea is not only a lot of fun, but is also a great way to make some extra income.  After setting up many pop-up shops in Queensland, we developed a consistent formula for making and selling Bubble Tea for the Australian market.  

We are small business start-up specialists

We love small businesses and believe they are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship and creativity.  We have created Bubble Tea Betty as a licensed concept so that more people can get their small business off the ground, with low risk and high financial reward.

A winning formula for small business success

Getting income started quickly is a crucial part of starting up a new small business or exploring a side hustle idea.  The format we have created for setting up your Bubble Tea business is focused on ensuring that you are set up and making money within the first 2-4 weeks from purchase.  Our goal for your investment is to see you return your startup capital within the first 3 months.  

We believe running you own business should be simple, fun and fuss-free!

Running your own business is naturally hard work, especially at the beginning.  However, our core belief (and experience) is that if you set your business up correctly at the outset – it can be very efficient and profitable, enabling you to have fun and enjoy the journey to generating your own independent income