Bubble Tea Betty – A Side Hustle Business for the Summer Season

The economic and social disruption caused by the covid-19 virus has been overwhelming. As the pandemic rapidly spread across the world, it had left economies and businesses struggling to keep up with the new lockdown measures to tackle the spread of the virus. Bubble Tea Betty – A Side Hustle Business for this Summer Season

The coronavirus outbreak had impacted the festival season and the live music industry. As world tours, concerts and festivals were either canceled or postponed to cut the risk of COVID-19 transmission last year; this year seems to be a lot better. This year, many popular annual music festivals have returned, and Australian promoters are planning events this summer.

Here comes summer

The weather’s warming up, and the summer festivals are just around the corner. This means that many live music events are lined up this season, with plenty of entertainment, food, and culture in between. The vibrant and lively atmosphere reaches far beyond the stage, with food courts, pop-up shops, beer gardens, pubs, and BBQs.

Summer is the perfect time to delve into a side hustle business in Brisbane that will give you the freedom to earn some extra money. A pop-up store is a great way to enjoy the advantages of selling offline without the expense of a permanent storefront. 

And what would you want to sell at your pop-up shop? We have got a solution for that too!! It is the lusciously tasting bubbly beverage – Bubble Tea.

What exactly is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese beverage that gained worldwide fame in the past decade. It gets its name from the shiny layer of tapioca pearls that are mixed with beverages such as milk tea or fruit juice and blended with all sorts of fresh ingredients like fruits, ice cubes and dried candies.  

So, what makes Bubble Tea authentic? It is the tapioca pearls, cooked to perfection, that makes it a flavoured liquid that you can both drink and chew! Sweeten your tapioca pearls with brown sugar or maple syrup or enhance the flavours with spices. You can also add a range of fruit-based popping pearls or jellies to take your Bubble Tea to the next level. Bubble Tea comes in many flavours; you could go with the standard plain tea flavour, the classic black tea combination, the organic green tea essence, or the soothing jasmine tea blend. If you love fruit flavours such as strawberry or honeydew, you could even blend in small chunks of them.

Bubble Tea licences in Australia 

Bubble Tea Betty can help you to start your own Bubble Tea licence in Australia. A side hustle is an easy way to earn money; this means more financial flexibility, and you can also have a great time running it. Having established and run Bubble Tea businesses across Australia for many years, we know how popular Bubble Tea is in Australia and what works for the market.

We understand everything involved in making a pop-up shop like Bubble Tea. We can easily set it up for you and make it work in a short amount of time. We are capable of developing more Bubble Tea shops in Australia because of our experience setting up licences in Brisbane and pop-up shops in Queensland. In addition to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Townsville, Bubble Tea licences are also available throughout Queensland. Bubble Tea pop-ups are a great way to make money at local markets, school functions, and special events.  

Setup costs for a Bubble Tea side hustle business in Townsville may differ based on the packages you choose, territories you reside in, and how many sets up you need. With packages starting at just $12,500, you’ll have everything you need to sell Bubble Tea within 2 weeks.

Usually, within two to four weeks after purchasing a licence, you are making money. Within the first three months, you will be able to recover your start-up capital.Do you have any queries regarding setting up a Bubble Tea licence in Australia? Get in touch to find out how to Start your Own Business and how to run the Bubble Tea business.

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